Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Initially, when I started this blog, I think I had the intentions of including more information about actual freelancing. I've included some so far, but I feel like this blog is turning into encouragement for freelance writers.

A writer's world is full of vicious attacks against our writing, our thoughts, our feelings, our heart... that hurts sometimes.

So, if this blog encourages anyone, even just one, than I'm happy.... Because if we're not encouraged, we can't write.

Chin up!

You have to believe....

Criticism abounds in the writing world. Whether the editors slash your article to pieces or a family member or acquaintance throws in their opinion, you'll always have to wade through it. But keep your vision and your focus.

Remember why you're writing in the first place? Because you love to write! It's who you are; it's who I am...

No, we're not perfect. Yes, we may overlook something and we may even make a few mistakes. After all, we're human and that's what humans do--make mistakes.

Take the criticism and if it's needed, make the corrections or at least think about it. If you feel that you've poured all your best work into it, then be proud.

You can succeed, regardless of what others think. You can be the successful writer you've always dreamt of becoming. But you have to believe in yourself and your writing. You have to believe that it's possible....

Take a deep breath.... and keep writing the cyber highway!

Watch Out for Mistakes....

I recently queried an editor for an ad I saw seeking writers for articles on their site.

I thought I had created a pretty good query email and hit send. A few days later, I received an email from the editor herself, quite a lengthy email I might add, saying she couldn't feel the passion or direction from my email... that I had not been very clear in my email...but that she had read my clips and heard my voice and saw my talent... and she asked me some specific questions. She felt like the answers to those questions were statements I should have included in my initial query.

Basically, I feel like she asked me to step up to the plate. I'm so shy in a lot of ways--most writers are, aren't we?--and sometimes, well, a lot of the time, I don't speak up or step up to the plate when I should.

This editor told me one thing she clearly saw was my talent (hurray! Isn't that what we want as writers?) and I feel like she challenged me to prove myself and bring my talent to surface in a more relevant manner, relevant to her website, to the topics she requires--which I thought I had, but looking back realized I was far from it--and so I tried again (thankful for the second chance).

There is a point to my rambling... watch out for mistakes... what I thought was a great query was a flop. My only hope in this writing gig is that the editor read my clips, realized I do have talent, and she liked my style (I think) or she wouldn't have emailed in such depth and taken time away from her busy schedule (which I sincerely appreciate!)....

If you don't have clips (samples of your writing) that are on the subject of the magazine, e-zine, newspaper, etc., that you are trying to get a writing job with, write some... Just sit down and write one or two or three samples of articles on a topic relevant to that publication. That way, the editor can at least have something to compare to, to judge a decision on.

That's what I did. I stepped up to the plate and focused. I wrote an article that could easily fit on the particular website I am trying to write for and replied to her email, answering her questions, and when I felt at peace with it all, I hit send.

Watch out for mistakes as you write this cyber highway!

Until next time....

Monday, July 30, 2007

A Day in the Life....

Ever have one of those days where you're just exhausted and it seems not one, even one little thing, will go right? I'm sure you've probably had many of those days (unless you're living in a parallel universe--like the twilight zone--and all things are perfect). smile...

Anyways, stop and step back for a minute. What has gone right in that day? Did you wake up? (Yes)... Did you have food for breakfast? (Surely)...

My point is... why not write about it? Sit down at your computer or grab a notebook and pen and start jotting down your feelings. Are you angry, exhausted, sad, depressed, harboring hatred at some certain person that did or said something to you that just hurt you to the core? Or are you thankful to no end once you start considering what all you do have to be thankful for? Well, write about it!

Get it all out, however it comes out, not worrying about spelling or grammar, just get it out. You're sure to have one or two or three great stories or title ideas amongst all those words! And you can always edit later. Perhaps you'll even feel better after you let go of all those feelings.... It is, after all, therapy to write down your feelings (and it's free!).

So, next time one of those bad days beats you down, put it all on paper. It just might not be another day in the life... it just might be what inspired your next paycheck!!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

What Inspires You?

What inspires you to write? The sun streaming through your window the morning of a bright, new day? A child running with a clumsy puppy? A butterfly landing on a rich, velvet flower petal? An elderly lady making her way slowly?

Can you draw inspiration from anything you look at, from any situation occurring? To me, that's what being a writer is all about. There are gazillions of stories everywhere you look, from the time you first wake until you lay your head on your pillow at night, stories abound!

Even in your dreams, if you dream, stories are there for the taking. What did you dream, where did you go? Why were you going there? Was it a pleasant dream or a nightmare? If it was pleasant, explore inspirational markets you could submit to if you chose to write about that pleasant dream. As for the nightmare, if you enjoy writing about such, explore paranormal markets or fictional markets.

I train myself to keep my eyes open. I keep a notebook and pen(s) close at all times, just in case that story surfaces when I'm least expecting it. You should be prepared too. We never know where inspiration for a great, high-paying article/story will come from or when that best seller will be born (for those of us who dream big!).... And, by all means, don't forget your camera!!

Be Inspired,
Keep Writing the Cyber Highway!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Writer's Market

I think some writers are afraid to spend their money on writer's markets books or even subscribe to the online version, writersmarket.com, but in my opinion, either one can be well worth the money.

After all, where else are you going to get so much information from one source? Most of the time as you search for markets to submit your written work to, you must scour the internet googling and searching for magazine markets or online markets. All you have to do is simply purchase Writer's Market and loads of information is right at your fingertips.

Many writers use the Writer's Market 2008 (Writer's Market) as well as the online version. It's really up to you, but for the time you save, it's definitely worth the cash.

So, order your copy or subscribe to the online version at the link above. You will be glad you did. I sure am!!

Writing the Cyber Highway...

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Writers' Events

Over the past couple of months, I've attended two writer's events. One was at a Barnes and Nobles store. It was free for all who wanted to go and pick the author's brains about editors, publishers, or various markets. I got a couple of autographs too! There were many books readily available at different tables. I learned a lot of new information and even found out about a few markets I had never heard of. It was well worth my time to drive two hours and spend a few hours at that event.

The second event was an actual writer's seminar. This one happened to cost $50.00 and, again, was well worth my time (and money). The speaker and author of multiple books, Peter Davidson, began at 9:00 am and it was over at 4:00 pm. We enjoyed a couple of short breaks and a lunch hour. Other than that, there was several hours of Mr. Davidson filling our minds with valuable information.

A "traveling bookstore" as Davidson put it, was set up right outside the conference room doors so we could purchase the writer's reference books he informed us of - very convenient.

If you want to know more about Davidson or see his seminar schedule, you can go to his website:


Until next time....

Keep writing the cyber highway!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Newspapers, Often Forgotten

I recently read Freelancing for Newspapers, by Sue Lick. This book is packed with information about how to freelance to an overlooked market. It's definitely a treasured addition to my personal writer's reference library.

Sue teaches online classes, too, if you're interested. Check out her site, here:


or her blog, here:


Good luck writing the cyber highway!


Welcome to Writing the Cyber Highway blog. I hope to create a successful blog about writing and submitting and (fingers crossed) selling our work as we travel this cyber highway. Some posts will include links to great sites, other posts may rave about a great writer's reference book I'm fond of.

I look forward to your comments.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Writer's Blogs

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Freelance Writing Resources

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