Monday, July 23, 2007

Writer's Blogs

  • a BLINDING heart - Julia Ward - This colorful, creative, amazing woman shares her adventures in life, writing, art, and is such an inspiration. She's been hit by lightening (more than once!) and survived. A true survivor, her strength and character shine through so brightly you'll understand why she chose to call her blog: a BLINDING heart.

  • Addicted to Writing - Opal Tribble - Enjoy the journey of this freelance writer as she juggles being a single mom, business owner, writer, blogger, and more! Her genuine, caring personality is evident and you'll enjoy every moment of following her freelance life.

  • April Aragam - Canadian freelance writer and blogger, this amazing lady lets us take a peak into her life as she racks up publishing credits while accomplishing her personal goals. She's more than half way there. Way to go April!

  • A Writer's Words, an Editor's Eye - Lillie Ammann - Christian Author, Editor, and huge inspiration to the writing world, this terrific lady shares her expertise with anyone who cares to take time out of their busy day to stop by her blog. What a treasure!

  • Becca's Byline - A breath of fresh air, this unique, special woman allows a peek into her heart--a heart that's warm, vibrant, alive, and too beautiful for words. Check this link out. You'll be captivated....