Monday, July 23, 2007

Who Am I?

Hi, I'm Michele L. Tune and as a freelance writer and blogger, I enjoy writing the cyber highway. My goal for this blog is to provide useful resources and inspiration to fellow writers, new or seasoned.

A few topics you may find here are:

  • markets to submit your work to
  • reviews of books I recommend to enhance your writing
  • inspiration and encouragement
  • a peek into my writing struggles, failures, and accomplishments
  • tips for getting published
  • tips for developing relationships with editors
  • how to organize your manuscripts and contracts
  • how to keep track of your submissions and queries
What readers are saying:

Writing the Cyber Highway is a brilliant blog filled with the life and heart of a fabulous writer. Michele L. Tune shares her tips and insights about writing the cyber highway and does it with a warm flare that inspires deep to the very soul of every fledgling writer. - Rebecca Laffar-Smith, The Writer's Round-About

Michele's personality shines through on this site, and her helpful posts are wrapped in positivity and encouragement. A great blog for writers! - Amanda Nicole, From Ink to Ether

Beautiful site in design, function, content, and writing. Definitely a blog to see! - Kevin Numerick, Words of My Life

I've been a long-time visitor of Writing the Cyber Highway, and I'm glad I found this blog. It's very helpful and entertaining! Michele has writing talent and it shows in her blog. - Misti Sandefur, Life of a Writer

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Thanks for visiting!

Kindest Regards,
Michele L. Tune

Freelance Writer
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