Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Interview: Novelist/Freelance Writer Misti Sandefur

For a while now, I've been a fan of Misti Sandefur's blog, Life of a Writer. I've yet to remember exactly how I came to find it but I'm so I did. I had been wanting to interview Misti since last year and I'm pleased to announce she's joining us today. She'll be sharing a little about herself, her writing career, how she balances everything, and more!

1. How does it feel to be a freelance writer, editor, and the author of two books?

Wonderful! I've worked toward this since I was 8. I work daily to better myself as a writer, and each time I see my hard work pay off, I celebrate.

2. How have you managed to juggle being a wife and mother while building your writing career to what it is today?

It was a whole lot tougher when my children were younger, but now that they've grown into teenagers, it's a bit easier. I still have to attend school activities and spend time with them, but I've created a schedule for myself and do my very best to stick to that schedule. For instance, my weekends are usually spent with the kids and hubby. We use the weekends for family game nights, and in the spring, fall and summer, we enjoy playing outdoor games as well. Having this time with my kids and husband also inspires parenting articles that I can record in my notebook and write later.

3. You wrote On the Net Resource Guide for Writers. Can you share with writers why this book will help them in their writing career and how they can purchase it?

On the Net Resource Guide for Writers will save writers the hassle and aggravation of research so they'll have more time to market their already published books and writing services. With the extra time they'll save, they can focus on making the money they deserve with their writing career.

On the Net Resource Guide for Writers has pretty much everything a writer searches for: publishing companies, other markets for writers, writing contests, book editors, literary agents, sample query letters, book reviewers, research resources, jobs for writers, newsletters and e-zines for writers, groups for writers and a whole lot more! Furthermore, all of the resources in my writer reference book can be found on the Internet.

On the Net Resource Guide for Writers is published under Misti Jackson and can be purchased at, Barnes & Noble, Virtual Bookworm or from my official website.The cost is $12.95. Again, it's published under Misti Jackson, so you must search for it under Misti Jackson not Misti Sandefur. A press release on my website explains the reason for this.

4. You self-published both of your books with Virtual Bookworm Publishing, Inc. Has your experience with them been a good one? Would you recommend them?

Yes, my experience with Virtual Bookworm Publishing, Inc. has been great thus far. I've been with them since March 2002 and have yet to encounter any major problems with the company. They're always helpful and answer any questions I may have. If you're a writer looking for a great print on demand publisher, then I would definitely recommend Virtual Bookworm Publishing, Inc., and you're more than welcome to let them know I (Misti Sandefur) referred you.

5. You're also a novelist. Tell us a little bit about your fictional work.

I enjoy writing Christian fiction novels. So far I've only wrote and published one, Help From Above, but I'm currently working on another and plan to write and publish several more.

Help From Above, also published under Misti Jackson, is a heartwarming story about an angel who is sent to Earth to help George with his drug and alcohol addictions. George is a stubborn man who doesn't believe in God or angels, but Ronald does his best to help George and turn him in to the kind man that he was before the death of his parents. Reviewers have compared Help From Above to the well-loved television drama Touched by an Angel.

Readers who enjoy books where the hero is an angel can discover more about Help From Above on my official website. In addition, I'm currently running a Help From Above Birthday Contest where readers could win an autographed copy of the book.

6. Besides all of the above, you are a blogger as well. Do you feel writers now need to blog to further their writing success?

Personally, I think this choice is up to the writer. I didn't add blogging to my writing resume until a little over two years ago, but since then, I've found blogging to be fun and it has helped further my career as a writer. Blogging is a trend that's growing each day, and if writers want to add something else to their writing services, then yes, by all means, I recommend getting into blogging. There are blogs to fit many niches, and the writing is usually short -- anywhere for 300 to 500 words. Blogging is fun and can be profitable.

7. Can you leave us with a few words of wisdom?

Never give up on your dreams, work toward them! If you love to write and it's your passion, work toward that dream. Study the craft and read to become better. Don't let criticism let you down, apply the suggestions to your writing and keep moving forward. Network with other writers to get you through the tough times. Remember that rejections come with the job and don't take them personally. Finally, praise yourself each time you achieve success. You can do it!

Thank you, Misti, for taking the time to lend your knowledge, passion for writing, life's wisdom, and for encouraging us to always keep our dreams alive and continue working to accomplish them. Here's to even more success with your novels and all your writing endeavors!

NOTE: If you have any questions for Misti, she'd love for you to contact her.

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