Sunday, May 4, 2008

Dessert for Lunch?

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Yes, that's right! I feel like I had dessert for lunch today. In keeping with my "weekend healthy food for writers theme", I thought I'd share a photo and description of my lunch.

Although I still haven't tried the banana hot dog and fries I raved about in yesterday's post, I did have the ingredients on hand to try Kath's pumpkin pie yogurt. It really is amazing!

I strayed from her recipe a smidgen in that I didn't add the packet of Splenda. (I don't use that sweetener.) The organic vanilla yogurt I used was already sweetened with organic sugar, so after a quick taste test, I felt it was sweet enough for me. Notice the two cookies. They're organic gingersnaps--and, for this girl, a rare indulgence. I don't splurge on sweets often anymore but I did today.

I also thought sprinkling a little gluten-free trail mix on top would be a nice compliment. And I was right! The pumpkin seeds and dried apples in it made it almost taste like Thanksgiving. Strange for a lunch, I know. It did seem like dessert, but it was very filling. I actually only ate half of it. I put the other half in the fridge for later. Imagine that!

Hope you've been having a smashing and healthy weekend, taking a break from writing the cyber highway!

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