Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Writing, Storms, and Rainbows

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Looking around the world today, we see tragedy of all kinds.

Fires, floods, cyclones, and more. Lives and homes are being ripped apart. Hope for those futures seem bleak. Where will they live? What will they do? Why did this happen to them? We all know these are questions they are asking themselves, or that we ask ourselves as we see these sad stories flash on news channel after news channel. It seems no matter how hard we try to avoid depressing circumstances, they pop up everywhere.

Why am I talking (aka typing) about this?

One of my loyal readers, Julia, (love ya, girl!) commented on the previous post that I was a welcome light in her storm. I do believe this is the most beautiful phrase anyone has ever written about me. Thank you for inspiring this post! And, thanks for reading my blog in the wee hours of the morning when the storm's turbulence is often at its worst. I'm honored.

Writing Storms = Storms of Life

I think we've all been there. Something (or several somethings) is going on in our lives that is stressful, depressing, and/or we can't stop thinking about. Maybe you have received storm damage from a literal storm. Perhaps a special loved one is ill, passed away, was just diagnosed with cancer. Whatever the situation, it becomes hard to concentrate on writing, blogging, brainstorming for ideas. It's easy in times like these to lose focus and have difficulty finding even a hint of the inspiration you once had an abundance of. You might even think of giving up your writing dreams, asking yourself why you ever thought you could make it as a writer in the first place.

Our lives and our writing are intertwined like roses climbing an arbor. The vibrant, green petals cling to the strong anchor in the storm. They hold onto the lattice as the wind blows furiously and the rain pelts down hard. The thirsty little rosebuds flourish into huge blooms after the roots drink up all that nourishment from the sky.

Rosebushes are beautiful in the spring when they're green and full of new growth. In the fall and winter, it's another story. They wither away and become grayish brown. Depressing, I know. But that isn't the end. Those elegant roses aren't dead. The beautiful blooms are just "sleeping" for a while.

Where Rainbows Come In

No matter how much the storm rages, or how long of a dry spell you have in your writing (or your life), it will end. The darkness will fade away. The calm will come. The sun will shine. The rainbow will stretch wide, reaching far up to the heavens. You'll be able to breathe a sigh of relief, relax. A fresh, new confidence will emerge from a place deep inside--a place you thought had withered and died, but was only sleeping for just a little while. Your soul will soak up the nourishment it craved but couldn't receive.

Enjoy the rainbow. Revel in the sunshine. Cherish the beauty of a new day, new opportunities, ideas, moments to share with those you love most and to remember the ones who had a precious part in molding you into the wonderful individual you've become. Perhaps - like my grandmother - that person is no longer physically with us. In that case, honor their memory by adding bits of their wisdom into an article. You might also consider giving one of those characters that live inside your head the personality of your loved one. You know, the character you fantasize about becoming part of the novel that is selling on book store shelves everywhere!

Keep Looking for That Pot of Gold

Remember as a child when you actually thought you could find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? Find your inner youth, that innocence you still possess but is lost beneath years of the world beating you down. Close your eyes and picture yourself as that kid you once was, that kid who dreamed big, could jump out of a swing and soar as high as superman. See the rainbow? It's closer than you think...

Watch for the sunshine peeking through those dark clouds, and always, always keep writing the cyber highway!

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