Tuesday, August 21, 2007

So Many Stories!

Think about it... You have memories of your childhood, good or bad. Most have memories of a wedding/marriage, good or bad. There are memories of crummy jobs, horrific dates, taunting school years, the ups and downs of teen life, your first apartment/house.... How about memories of grandma or grandpa? What about girl scout/boy scout summer camp? Or some other camp?

There's the interesting old man that lives down the street and creates art from junk, or the lady that volunteers her time to comfort the sick at hospitals, nursing homes, or in their home...

If you really, really think about it, there are stories everywhere! If you hear someone chatting (not eavesdropping, just passing by!), you may even hear a word or phrase that sparks a great story or article.

What about the new restaurant in town? Or the elderly couple having to close their business after years of quality service to the public?

Keep your eyes, ears, taste buds, sense of touch, and nose open for great stories, they're everywhere!