Sunday, August 19, 2007

Write About Your Pain...

What is your greatest pain? Did you lose a loved one to a horrific disease? Are you a survivor of domestic violence? Have you existed miserably for years in an over-sized body that makes your own skin crawl with disgust and hurt? Do you suffer anxiety attacks or insomnia that ruins your life? Write about it...

Whatever your greatest pain is in life, write about it. Let the readers feel your emotion, your heartache, your despair.... Let them almost feel the hot tears cascading down your face.

We all have stories like this. Sometimes as writers, those are the very stories that are hardest of all to release from deep within our soul. Let it out. Not only is it free therapy, you'll be helping others in the process.

Write an essay for an anthology, website, or your local newspaper. Query a magazine and add research and statistics to your article about your own pain.

However you choose to get your story of pain out there, get it out there. You never know who may be on the brink of suicide. If someone's world is coming to an end and they happen to read your story, you might just "save their life."

Don't forget to conclude with where you're at in your life now. Have you conquered a disorder? Have you found a creative way to cope with loss? Can you direct your readers to a place where they'll receive assistance if they're trying to escape domestic violence? Can you give them hope for a brighter future? You may just be surprised....

Although I write about my painful memories and experiences, I’m always sure to weave inspiration throughout and conclude with a positive note. My painful encounters are selling quite nicely to anthologies. I scout out anthologies’ calls for submissions by googling something like: “anthology, call for submissions” or “anthology, writer’s guidelines.”

Be sure to check out Anthologies Online at the following link.
They now have two pages of August calls for submissions. You can also check past issues for anthologies looking for stories, just pay attention to their deadlines. Sign up for their free newsletter and you’ll receive the latest anthology markets right in your inbox!

I’m finding my niche in the writing world by opening my heart to my readers and walking them through my pain and victories.

Recently, a lady approached me. She said, “I overheard you say that you’re a survivor of domestic violence and that you’re a writer.”

“That’s right.” I told her.

“Well, my daughter just escaped a violent relationship. She’s trying to deal with it all now and I just think it’s great that someone like you is writing about where you’ve come from. I wish you had a book she could read.”

She hugged me right there. I told her thank you. I don’t have that book just yet, but I will.

It’s not always easy for me to write or talk about my ugly past that was filled with domestic violence or my painful battle with obesity. But since I have made the decision to share my struggles with the world, not only is my writing really “taking off”, but I’ve tapped into a new level of healing.

I can now go into detail about the darkness I endured, yet shine light on the mountaintop I’ve reached. I can encourage those dealing with obesity, because I’ve lost over 100 pounds. And I can extend hope to victims of domestic violence because now I’m free. I can share the anguish of someone with panic attacks, because I’ve been there. And I can sympathize with the person coping with insomnia because I know their exhaustion.

With my willingness to be an inspiration to others, comes the gratification of knowing I encouraged someone like the lady who approached me that day.

Write about your pain. You never know who’s life you will touch with the power of your words…

Good luck writing the cyber highway!!