Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Thanks to blogging!

Today has been great.... I have been in contact with three editors--wow! All contact was great and encouraging and promising.

One editor actually asked for another story for an anthology I've already sold a story to. Who knows, I'm going to send a second story but it may or may not make it to the final cut. Still, it was an honor to be asked for a second story....

Another editor really gave me the encouraging boost I needed to query a great magazine about my personal story of weight loss... (Thanks!)

Also, I sold an article today that I queried an editor about. I got like a newsflash with the title and went from there. I wrote this piece in about 15 minutes, printed it out, scanned over it, got a second opinion before I sent it over cyber space and wrote a very casual query and included the article (just in case she wanted to read it) and bingo! A few hours later, I checked my email to find I had not only received a reply (QUICK!) from that editor, but she thought it was great and wanted to buy it. And, the pay is nothing to cry about!

Sometimes we just have to jump in and go for it!