Sunday, January 20, 2008

Freelance Writing Resources Galore!

P.S. I had an overflow of ideas as well as suggestions when I posted Mini Series Part Three so I've decided to share even more freelance writing resources!

Freelance Writing (and Blogging) Books and Magazines

As you've already noticed, Writing the Cyber Highway is remodeling its stretch of the virtual road and we now have three columns. Look to the right sidebar and you'll see a link to our store that's filled with books about freelance writing, blogging and even writing magazines. That's right. You can shop 'till you drop on the cyber pavement!

One particular book I'd like to tell you about, a treasure I'm currently reading - and loving every word of!- is Get a Freelance Life, by Margit Feury Ragland.

The author really puts those freelance writing fears at bay and gets you encouraged, motivated, and ready to take the writing world by storm!

I'm only halfway through and already I've highlighted and flagged numerous pages.

This is a wonderful book because new freelance writers can learn a great deal and those who have been writing for a while can brush up and perhaps learn a few things in the process - including how to: polish your work, network, understand contracts, handle those deadlines, and much more!

With all these tips and even markets, you'll keep this book in your writer's library for years to come. Knowledge really is power, and with Ragland's help and dedication, you can get a freelance life!

Websites of Interest to Freelance Writers

We can't forget about the awesome stops along the cyber highway!

I asked my readers to share their own tips or markets in part three of my mini series, so I thought I'd include their contributions in this section.

In her comment, Devon Ellington said Media Bistro is the best source she's came across for finding quality writing jobs. You can join the paid membership, or just take advantage of the free version.

Lillie Ammann, who was the first to get the conversation rolling on that post, as well as Opal Tribble, reminded me about the online version of Writer's Market. I failed to mention that option when I talked about the book.

Rebecca Laffar-Smith wanted to make sure Freelance Writing Jobs was added to the list, as it's a "wonderful source of markets and freelance writing jobs."

Thank you to each of you! I know your suggestions will be appreciated by anyone wanting to increase their chances of being successful freelance writers.

I hope you'll find these freelance writing resources helpful and enjoy much success, writing the cyber highway!

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