Monday, January 14, 2008

Freelancers Face Another Headache

You might want to search your heart (and your bank account) . Do you trust PayPal? Amy Derby asks this question in her recent post at You really must skip the cyber highway and read it, but just to pique your interest: you don't want to go through what she's going through right now!

Already freelancers face long hours sitting (backaches, headaches, being unhealthy or even overweight), staring at a bright computer screen (working our poor eyes to death), not to mention all the ups and downs, scams, negative tension from people who don't understand... and now the source used for receiving payment for those valuable thoughts and words can't be trusted?! Argh.

I urge you to read about Amy's situation. Be glad you've been informed.

Do you use PayPal? Do you feel that it's safe? Will you keep your account? Do you know of anyone else who has had a terrible experience? Share with us in the comments, please.

I was going to expand on this in another post, but Katharine from Swan's Blog has done such a beautiful job explaining how to protect your PayPal account I thought I'd just direct you to her post. She shares some smart tips for staying safe!