Thursday, January 24, 2008

Road Construction on the Cyber Highway

Where, oh where, have I been?

As you can see, we're on a different cyber highway. I've been busy as I'm the only one on the job. Originally, I changed everything to a three-column layout and thought I'd be happy with it. The template was driving me crazy since I'm not a tech genius, so I decided to change to what we have now. I plan on keeping it the way it is until the big move to WordPress on our own domain. Hurray! It will still be a while before the move. We're still packing our cyber bags. :-)

Moving on....

Feel like shopping?

Writing the Cyber Highway now has a Store. A few things you may find are:

Happy Shopping!

A neat thing called Entrecard

This is a very interesting advertisement option. You simply sign up, design your card, and start clicking on the Entrecard widgets when you find one on a site. You get more credits with each click. Other people can drop their card in your widget as well. Sounds simple, right? I first learned about it on Melissa Donovan's blog, Writing FORWARD. Then I noticed Rebecca Laffar-Smith, at Writer's Round-About had one, too. So, I thought I'd jump in and try it out.

What I've noticed since I signed up last night:

  • a lot of new visitors
  • my feed reader is gaining subscribers
  • I've discovered a lot of neat blogs I didn't know about before
  • I'm gaining credits and will be able to either use them to advertise on other blogs right away, or save them and let them accumulate and be able to advertise on a higher traffic site.
Learn more about Entrecard here.

Can't find the blogroll?

You'll find the blogroll as well as links to freelance writing resources beneath Pages in the sidebar. I decided to create an About page, as well as include a Contact page, and link to my website and portfolio.

One more thing

If you're in search of new writing gigs, you'll find the section called Looking for Work in the sidebar. You can search for a new job, or even sign up with Constant Content, a neat site where you can park some of your articles that have been sitting around collecting dust. I signed up right before the holidays and was about ready to give up on them, honestly. But a couple of days ago I received an email that four of my articles had sold in one day - FOUR! So, they're definitely worth a try. You can also write new articles for the requests. You'll learn all about it by clicking the link above. I also wrote about them in a previous post: Writing and Selling: Constantly.

Don't leave the Looking for Work section until you check out Smorty and PayPerPost.

Blog Advertising - Get Paid to Blog

Both of them are good options for earning extra money, especially if you enjoy writing about different things.

How do you like the new Cyber Highway? Is the layout better? Do you think I've improved it from the way it was? Show of hands from those who like it, please. Any major gripes? Leave a comment.

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Best wishes writing the cyber highway!