Monday, September 17, 2007

Ever Learning

As freelance writers, we should never become so "experienced and wise" that we fail to see opportunities to learn something new. So many people these days believe they are so genius that there's nothing left for them to learn.

This theory/opinion couldn't be further from the truth! We can always learn something new, no matter how old we are, how long we've been writing (or whatever you do for a living/hobby), or how much we've studied a topic--keyword "study."

Writing for Dollars newsletter is one of the resources I use to enhance my writing. One such instance is the article that was just published in today's issue, written by Denise Vitola. It is titled "It's The VoiceThat Sells."

I took away a feeling that I can improve upon my own writer's voice. We can always improve. I know that some of my articles are "flat" as she mentions, because I've failed to put my "voice" out there.

Writing for Dollars also has paying markets listed in the high, medium, and low-paying range.

I subscribe to other newsletters, e-zines, and magazines as well. I buy writer's reference books and study study study. I read anthologies, magazine articles, other writer-related blogs, and articles online. I study English and grammar and spelling and I glean from "this and that and the other." I rejoice when the advice I've taken and the enormous amounts of time spent studying results in yet another (paid) sale!

So, by refusing to have an "I'm so smart" or "I'm not willing to learn" attitude, I'm growing as a writer. I'm ever learning and I'm finding continued success as I write the cyber highway!