Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I was able to walk around the track 6 times today, fulfilling my goal of walking for 30 minutes each day. My legs weren't quite as sore, but I still wasn't as fast as I'd like to be.

I don't know for sure, but I'd almost bet (if I were a gambler, ha ha!) that a smart alec bird chuckled from a branch as I chugged along trying to keep up with my Mom!!! I know that sarcastic bird got a kick out of me today....

Overall, it was a great walk. I can really tell that I'm walking the soreness out (my Grandmother always told me: "Michele, don't lay around. Walk the soreness out, work it out."). Anyways, I believe that's true. It always works for me!

The sun was really shining too. The gentle breeze was so pleasant--the icing on the cake!!

Mom and I decided to break away from the same ole routine of going around and around the flat track today. We veered off and walked down by the river (magnificent view! I can't believe I forgot my camera!! I'll have to try and remember to take it in the morning and share those photos tomorrow).

We looked at the river as we walked by, not slowing down too much. We had to walk uphill along the edge of the woods to make our way back around. Of course, that's when the bird laughed at me! Walking back uphill was something else, whew! Now I get to look forward to the back of my legs (and who knows what else) being sore. Maybe I'll forget about the soreness in the front of my legs, though... Hmmm...

Oh well, that's my update. I'm alive and I can still move. It's getting easier every day! Hey, what's that old saying?

"Nothing worth having comes easy!"

Boy, is that ever true??!! Skinny Michele is working really hard to make her appearance!!

Oh, and get this: A lady told me I look 20! Since I'm in my 30's, her words fueled my walk today!!! Can't have too many compliments like that, huh?