Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Amy Derby, Editor/Owner of, posted some vital information for freelance writers on the Write-from-Home blog yesterday. Take a peak at her advice, it's very important! After all, we want to write and get paid and Amy gives sensible tips for keeping our expectations real, and keeping our freelance writing moving in the right direction.

Also, is a great market for freelance writers. Amy Derby is an excellent editor to work with and pays promptly. Stop by the site and review the Writers' Guidelines. Perhaps you have an article or will find inspiration for a new article by taking note of the types of articles she's already published. It's such a blessing to find Websites such as this, because this market pays well, maintains a blog with excellent tips, especially for new freelance writers that have a lot of questions, and the Editor is so nice!

Moving on, I know you're wondering about this "Walking Writer's" adventure on the track today. I'm running late this morning, but I'm headed out the door as soon as I log off to squeeze my walk in. I'll update later ;)

Hurry, follow the links above and good luck writing the cyber highway!!!!