Friday, September 28, 2007


Hello blogger buds! Sorry I missed a post today. I've been "unplugged." Well, not literally. I've unplugged myself.

I have "writer burnout", to say the least! I feel uninspired, for sure. Check out Amy Derby's post from yesterday: Freelance Writers - Where Do Your Ideas Come From?

Better yet, check out Amy's post today: Freelance Writing Burnout.

I have family from out of town coming in and I'm going to try to enjoy tomorrow away from the computer, writing, blogging, sitting (all the good stuff!). Is that possible? To enjoy being unplugged from my cyber neighbors and friends? Hmmm...

Hopefully, I'll get some good photos, and I might even sneak a notebook and pen so I can jot down interesting stories and/or inspiration, ideas, good quotes from wise elders....

Enjoy the weekend, I know I'll enjoy mine as I take a detour off the cyber highway and onto a real one to spend time with special family members I haven't seen in a couple of years. I look forward to writing the cyber highway Monday, refreshed and full of endless inspiration!