Thursday, September 20, 2007

Progress Edition--It's that time!!

Have you ever noticed a "Progress Edition/Issue" in your local newspaper? Well, this is an avenue to pursue your writing!

Granted, it probably won't pay. BUT if you're looking to create a list of clips and just get SOMETHING published, this is a wonderful opportunity! And, who doesn't love seeing their name in print?!

The Progress Edition in my newspaper comes out in November. Another newspaper, runs theirs in Spring.

Progress issues usually have a theme of some sort. Last year, our newspaper chose the theme: "Old & New." I had several pieces published in that issue. One of my articles was longer and wouldn't fit within the boundaries of the inserted Progress issue, so the newspaper chose to print it on page 3-A!! So, right when I opened the paper, there was my article!! Such a blessing, considering I had never had anything published at that time.

That article happened to be about the night Mom and I were stuck out in the harsh elements of the tornado that came through our town. We were trying to get home from church, but couldn't get to our house because of fallen trees and power lines. Of course, we eventually made it home.

The anniversary of that tornado happened to be the very month the Progress Edition came out. I think that's one of the reasons that piece was chosen for publication. The editor even had photos of tornado damage from the previous year when they first reported on it, and they added those photos to my story--those photos and the cut line were the icing on the cake!

My Mother was published as well in last years' Progress issue. She had previously been published in a newspaper before, though, so she wasn't quite as ecstatic as I was (smile).

One of her poems was chosen because it touched on family and weaved the "Old & New" theme throughout. She also had a few articles in that issue.

So, what are you waiting for? Do a little digging and see if you can figure out when your newspaper publishes a Progress Edition. Most newspapers even run ads asking for writers to contribute their stories/photos. They especially love local information/old photos, etc.

Good luck!