Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A Walking Writer...

My Mother came up with the bright idea that we would jump up early every morning, drive over to the local park, and walk around the track for our health and additional weight loss. I agreed to go with her and so yesterday morning began our "healthy exercise routine."

I have to admit, although I was walking with barely one eye open, it wasn't all that bad. The sun was shining; it was a beautiful day, but I'm not necessarily an "early bird."

The soreness began not long after we got back home yesterday morning. As the day progressed, the soreness increased. When I sat down in a chair, I could barely get up! It was like I'd stiffened into that position and my body cried when I tried to pry myself out of the chair.

Today was even worse!Imagine my humiliation when not one, but TWO old men passed us up, keeping a fast pace around and around the track! Oh, the sad thing is that my Mom could have very easily walked faster and longer, without even getting winded. (I know you think this is funny, ha ha!).

I, on the other hand, am not in as good of shape. I envisioned myself running at full speed, just trying to catch up to the old folk (I know, I'm shamed...)! Then it hit me: I'd probably have fallen flat of my face on that paved track and had to crawl over to the edge for first aid treatment! Otherwise, I'd have been stampeded by those old speed walkers!

Well, I guess I can't complain too much. I've lost over 100 pounds, but these last 20-30 pounds are sticking to me like glue on construction paper!

It wouldn't have taken me nearly as long to get in shape. But I was extremely ill for several years and required surgeries, medication, and all sorts of physical therapy and treatments. My health really declined after escaping domestic violence.

Anyways, as most writers know, we aren't always that physical. We mostly sit at a desk and write. Oh, there are some that may run every morning before they log onto cyber world....

Back to the story:
We were bound and determined to get our walking in, but the longer Mom and I walked around that track today, the more my legs felt like concrete. I could barely put one foot in front of the other by the time we were finished with our original goal of walking for 30 minutes. I could barely throw my legs and hobble to the vehicle. It was heaven to sit down!

Tomorrow is day three. If I don't post, you'll know I've been trampled by the oncoming elderly!

So, I guess it's official: I'm a "walking writer."