Sunday, December 2, 2007

In a Writer's Rut? There's Hope for Your Credit!

Have you ever fallen into the writer’s rut? You know, the kind where the editors aren’t calling and your inbox only has SPAM waiting for you? It's the worst! But even worse than checking for a dial tone and praying to see a legitimate email is the fact that the happy trips to the bank fade with your dream of being a successful writer. You don't have to give up on your dreams, though!

Hopefully you planned ahead for such times and put money back--just in case it happens. Or, maybe you already went through that dry spell and used all your financial resources until they ran out. In that case, you may be facing bad credit this very moment.

If you have a bad credit rating and are ready to improve your score, head over to the About page at and see for yourself why they may be just the folks to help you out. After all, it never hurts to take a peek if they could possibly help you in any way. Am I right?

You'll learn all about bad credit loans and much, much more. Enjoy learning how to improve your credit (and hold onto your writing dreams), while writing the cyber highway!