Sunday, December 9, 2007

Weekend Fun With the Alphabet

I'm way behind on doing this meme Grandy tagged me for. (Be sure to read her Re-do post).

The rules of the game: List a word that describes you for every letter of the alphabet. Offer as much or as little explanation as you wish. Please keep the words positive (for example, don’t use “fat” for F or “lame” for L), and feel free to get creative. Tag as many or as few people as you wish. Link back to your tagger and forward to your taggees.

So here goes....

A - Awesome - I say this word way too much!

B - Baking/Banana Bread - Everyone begs me to bake. Apparently I'm good at it :-)

C - Chocolate - Yum-O!

D - Divine - I love to say this word.

E - Eat - Love to!

F - Fried (Green Tomatoes) - Awesome movie! I love eating them, too!

G - Giggle - I sometimes do this too much :0)

H - Hilarious - I say this word... Wait. I am this word!

I - Inspirational - I love to inspire and encourage others.

J - Joy - Something I have and love to share with others.

K - Keep - I keep trying, I keep things, I keep writing, I keep persevering...

L - Ludicrous - Another word I use too much.

M - Me - Sometimes it's nice to be selfish :0)

N - Nirvana - Lovely...

O - Oblivious - Yes, I can be.

P - People watcher - Oh, don't even get me started!

Q - Queen... of drama!

R - Rest - I love rest :0)

S - Singer - Funny, I know, but it's true. I love to sing. Even more, I love to stir the hearts of others through the words that flow from my own.

T - Typing - I do this a lot :0)

U - Understanding - I try to be.

V - Vegetarian - Yes, I gave up meat! I never thought I'd be vegetarian, but I am and I love every single minute of it!

W - Write - This word says it all.

X - Xavier Roberts - As in... Cabbage Patch Dolls. What? They're cute!

Y - Yum-O - Gotta love Rachael Ray!

Z - Ziggy - That's right. No need to explain some things :-)

So, there it is. Me-all summed up from A - Z!

Sorry it took so long, Grandy. Hope you enjoyed my ABC's!

Hope you've had a great weekend break from writing the cyber highway!

*This is kind of a hard one and the holidays are upon us, so I'm not tagging anyone for this meme. If you have time and feel like tagging yourself, go right ahead. Be sure to leave a link to your post in the comments, so I can see your ABC's!