Saturday, December 8, 2007

PayPerPost: My Newest Adventure!

A while back, I was blog surfing and came across a post by Jeanne Dinninni, at Writer's Notes. She was talking about PayPerPost, and the opportunity for bringing in extra cash simply by writing blog ads.

I thought, hmmm... I could do this! I eventually decided to go ahead and sign up. It was very easy, and I anxiously waited for my blog to be approved. There was a little "wrinkle" to iron out, but the service I received was phenomenal! In an email, I was told in detail what I needed to do to be approved. The instructions were very easy to understand. I complied, and the next day my blog was approved--Woo hoo!

So, now's the time for me to tell you, my faithful readers, about my new adventure with PayPerPost. I'm very excited about this opportunity--extra cash is always a plus!

Anyone who has followed my blog for any amount of time, knows how very much I LOVE to chat, blog, write, communicate... so I feel this is yet one more chance for me to be creative and entertain my readers, while dancing around the writing theme--which, of course, my blog is about. I think it's a challenge to choose ads and find fun ways to integrate that site/service/product somehow with the writing life. So far, I hope you've enjoyed my rendezvous!

Oh yes, the green stuff! What do I plan to do with the extra money? Bills, bills, and more bills, of course! Other than that, books are nice! Lots of books... Magazines, organic coffee, maybe some chocolate (smile), and most importantly, with the extra cash I can help others!

I hope you decide to join PayPerPost and earn a little (or a lot) of the green stuff yourself. Come on, what are you waiting for?