Friday, December 28, 2007

Reflecting on 2007, Thoughts for 2008

Well, I've celebrated a blessed holiday with my family and I hope each of you did the same. I've missed posting here the past few days, but have enjoyed the extra time to spend with those I love most. I also conversed with a few editors, worked on a manuscript or two, and received a gift from someone I admire greatly (I'll probably be sharing more about this gift in upcoming posts!).

But Christmas is over and with that comes the end of another year. Several blogs are quiet with messages saying they'll be back next year. Other bloggers like Rebecca Laffar-Smith, of The Writer's Round-About, urged us via her Christmas Eve post to Make Time To Write This Holiday. Her advice is awesome:

"There are so many wonderful elements of the holidays that should be captured on paper. It might not lead to a story or an article. But the compost of information you gather at this time of year will enrich your writing for years to come."

Melissa Donovan, of Writing FORWARD, who never missed a day of posts even though it was the holidays, recently reflected on 2007: Freelance Writers' Year in Review. It's nice to look back at what we've accomplished or what we'll do differently in the new year, isn't it? However, Melissa said it best:

"Don’t Be Too Hard on Yourself

In the end, the annual review should be a priceless learning experience. After all, who wants to make the same mistakes next year? Don’t torture yourself over bad decisions or poor judgment. What’s done is done, so move forward knowing that you are one year wiser."

Looking back, looking forward, as my freelance writer friend, Renie Burghardt, suggests pretty much sums up my thoughts these last few days of 2007. She says: "Christmas 2007 was merry and bright and blessed with family and good friends... Christmas 2007 is over, and now I'm looking forward to 2008."

Aren't we all?! I have huge plans for the new year :-)

Meandering along I soaked up the latest post of Joanna Young, the Confident Writing coach, who delves into the 7 searching questions to ask your blog. In Joanna's words: "But there's an important learning benefit too as we look back at what we've written in 2007 - the chance to learn from our own words, thoughts and ideas."

Susan Johnston, at The Urban Muse, said:
"I get overwhelmed by long, multi-pronged resolutions, so next year I vow to...

Focus on the big picture.

Of course, what this really means is “don’t sweat the small stuff,” but I’d rather frame it in a more positive light, to concentrate on something actionable, rather than feeling guilty for being the detail-crazy person that I am."

Find out what "the big picture" is in her post: My Writing Resolution for 2008.

You'll learn something important from Katharine Swan, at Swan's Blog, as she tells us How to spot a micromanaging client. Make a note to follow this advice, especially if you're just getting started. It will make for a smoother, happier 2008.

Katharine's advice on this matter: "The beauty of being a freelancer is that you don't have to put up with micromanaging clients. If you feel a client is being unreasonable, finish out your contract and refuse further work as professionally as possible."

I've also reminisced about my journey of Writing the Cyber Highway this year, and pondered over the creation of this blog as well as where we will go in 2008. I'm already trying to decide if we'll move to WordPress or stay here. I'd love for this blog to grow either way. My main goal is to be an inspiration and encouragement to other writers, and to create a friendly community environment each of you will want to return to time and again.

There will be more requests for feedback in the new year so I can make Writing the Cyber Highway the best I possibly can. I'm not a technical genius (shh! don't tell anyone!) but I try :-)

I can't sign off without also giving a little link love to Jeanne Dininni, over at Writer's Notes. She discusses Inner Resources for Writing Success in 2008 and Beyond. You'll love how she shares her list of "inner resources" and then defines each one separately! After revealing the list, Jeanne says: "These are the inner resources that I believe would help me reach my writing goals in 2008 and beyond—resources that I believe would be just as beneficial to any writer."

Have you been reviewing this past year and maybe noticing things you could have done differently in your writing, submitting, queries, and/or blogging? If so, feel free to share in the comments or even write your own post. Just be sure to come back and leave a link!

I wish you much success while writing the cyber highway--in 2008, and always!