Monday, December 10, 2007

Writing News

Some of you have asked me to share links to my online clips and/or my "writing news." So, here goes...

Online News:
My latest article at MedHunters Magazine is about a medical experience I had in my twenties...

I could hardly believe my eyes! Blotchy red patches graced my plump cheeks, making one of the many side effects of my monthly hormone shot all too real. "I'm supposed to have a Christmas picture taken today! Great, just great! Now, what am I supposed to do?" Find out here.

You can also read about the handcrafted soaps I'm in love with at Her Natural Beauty...

Along with the warm, spicy scents and cheerful spirit of the holidays comes dry, cracking skin--skin that itches!
If you’re longing for a natural way to attain smooth, moisturized skin... Continue reading.

Print News:

Smokin' Ghost describes a true paranormal "event" I experienced. It can be found in FATE Magazine's December Issue. One copy is around $5.00. See their website to order a copy or subscribe. Hastings book store carries them, too. I know because I went there today.

Let me tell you, holding FATE in my hands and seeing my story, my words, printed on the pages along with my photo... Totally amazing! It is so "neat" to think I'm sitting on the shelves of bookstores. Gee, if I feel this way about a magazine, I can't imagine how I'll feel when it's my own book! Woo hoo! You'd think after being published numerous times the excitement would fade. In my case it's quite the opposite. The more often I see my work published, the more often I feel elated.

True Real Estate Stories!
My story, Psycho, is included in the amazing anthology: True Real Estate Stories.

Tom and Kerrie Everitt, of Vancouver, B.C., have "...scoured the globe to bring the most entertaining (true) real estate stories available..."

Renie Burghardt, Jenna Glatzer, C. Hope Clark and Jeanne Dininni also have stories published in this first volume--and many more prolific writers as well!

I have to say that this book is AMAZING! Seriously. The book is beautiful and very tastefully done. Want your own copy? The books are available at the Everitt's website, True Real Estate Stories.

Still not sure? Read my review: A Must-Have Page Turner to help you decide! Believe me, The Finale--the last story written by Tom himself-- is worth it all! Do you already have a copy? Write your own review telling others how much you've enjoyed it.

If you have writer's news, please share (with links) in the comments! Even better, post about it on your blog and leave a link to your post in the comments so I can share in your success, too!

That's enough for now... I hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful weekend and I wish you a great and successful week writing the cyber highway!