Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My Top Ten Goals for 2008

As someone who loves to pen words that inspire and encourage, I look forward to accomplishing the following goals in 2008.

My Top Ten Goals are to:

1. Touch the hearts of multitudes via the words that flow from my own. I desire to make a real difference in the lives of my readers--particularly those who are hurting. This is most important to me because as a survivor of domestic violence and someone who has battled obesity, been home bound and struggled through health issues such as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and more, I want to give hope where there is none--or where it once was, but has faded. I want to be a shining inspiration to anyone having a difficult time and encourage them to follow their dreams... By persisting and breaking into bigger markets that reach more people, I'll achieve this goal.

2. Be published in a Chicken Soup for the Soul anthology... or two... or three!

3. Make the best first impression(s) I possibly can so I'll be the woman editors think of when they need a talented, dependable, prolific writer.

4. Finish the first draft of my first book in which I'm sharing my crazy journey of losing over 100 pounds.

5. Get published in Writer's Digest. What? A girl can dream... and work toward it!

6. Be fearless (never doubting myself or my writing capabilities) in my queries, submissions, and correspondence with editors.

7. Learn all I can from each of the amazing writers I come in contact with from across the globe. I love to glean from the knowledge of others...

8. Write about different, new and exciting topics--topics I've never even thought of before.

9. Focus on my poetry and pursue my dream of seeing my words printed on greeting cards. I want the card sharing my soul to be the one you buy to cheer up or celebrate your loved one. I've fantasized about this for a long time, but I know 2008 will be the year it will happen. Good-bye thoughts... hello reality!

10. Since I consider blogging an important aspect of my writing, I'd love to "go Pro."

By the end of 2008, I want be able to say:

I've been the best possible writer/blogger I could have been and accomplished all my goals. My words have touched lives and I've not only watched my dreams unfold before my eyes, but sparked enough inspiration in my readers for them to realize their dreams can come true, too!

These 10 goals are top priority as I strive each day to make all my writing dreams come true...

*Increasing my income never hurt either :-)

What goals do you wish to accomplish in 2008, while writing the cyber highway? Feel free to share in the comments or write your own post. Be sure to come back and leave a link to your goals so we can check them out!