Friday, February 15, 2008

Away from my desk...

I hope each of you had a smashing Valentine's Day yesterday! Probably had too many chocolates though... Watch out for those cavities! You don't want to worry about toothaches while you're writing those fabulous words of wisdom, now do you? Okay, okay, I'll quit making you feel bad. It is, after all, a special day.

Wait. What's this? We now have commercials! Gee, it's only one for this post. Let's see what the sponsor has to say...

Commercial: Sponsored by The Writer's Round-About Design Launch Contest. All entries are in. Yours truly is among them! Show your support by speeding the cyber highway and clicking the circle next to my name and voting for me. I'll win $100 Amazon Gift Certificate, which I'll use to purchase books to enhance my writing skills and help me be the best writer I can possibly be. Gee, a girl can dream. :-) Thanks in advance!

Back to regularly scheduled programming....
I so appreciate all the wonderful supportive readers here at Writing the Cyber Highway, but sadly I'm not going to be near my beloved computer connection part of today. I'll miss you terribly! To make up for the cyber silence, and give you something to look forward to, I decided to lead you to one of my recently published online clips. If you love writing essays, you're in luck! Last week I had an article published in the Funds for Writers newsletter sharing 10 Markets That Pay for Essays. Here's to lots of sales!


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