Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Freelance Fiction in February

So, I was cruising the cyber highway one day when I happened upon a cozy hangout. G's Cottage is the perfect haven along this virtual road to grab a cup of hot tea, pull up a chair, plop your laptop on the table in front of you and get those Writing Thoughts recorded once and for all!

Mary's Writing Nook is another inviting place to explore. Snuggle up with your favorite throw, in your comfy chair, and study those Writer's Notes!

I was talking with my friend and she said, "Becoming Addicted to Writing is very easy to do for us ladies, isn't it?" That is so true. Oh, but wait.... Please forgive Sylvia's Insight (as well as my own) - we mustn't forget about Men with Pens!

There's talk of those who are a Freelance Parent finding it difficult to merely get their Words on the Page in the midst of a Functional Shmunctional life. But regardless how chaotic the Life of a Writer is, we have to keep Writing FORWARD if we're ever going to find success on the cyber highway.

Dana Prince, Valencia, and Barrie Summy were gossiping about Katharine Swan when all of a sudden, there was a scream. "Argh!" Becca said, "There's Ink in My Coffee!" For shame. It was such a nice day and there were even Black-eyed Susan's in a beautiful vase on the table.

If you're trying to Make Money Freelance Writing come enjoy the benefits and Write-from-Home. Did you know you'll produce Confident Writing when The Urban Muse visits? Yes, and once you quit Rambling Stuff and take Ancient One's advice, the Story Teller will come out in you and everyone will notice that your Award is Showing.

Beth Morrissey was reading The Life & Times of JB when she saw an ad for JWardArt. She was left alone to enjoy the paper because Mikster, Jessica Mousseau, and Allena decided to take a stroll through Tina's Odds and Ends.

My Journey in the Writer's Round-About has been quite the trip down the cyber Corridors. It's been so crazy some days, I've just wanted to hide away in Renie Burghardt's World!

Ah, but it's so nice when we hear: Something She Wrote was approved by A Writer's Words, An Editor's Eye. Watch out for the Wordsmith, though!

Always remember when your writing well seems dry, Good is the Enemy of Great!

This fun and silly story is fictional link love for all my fabulous readers who commented in January. If you weren't included, you either didn't comment last month or I somehow overlooked you. If you commented in January and aren't included, let me know and I'll write you in!

To all my faithful readers:
Thank you, each and every one of you, for following and joining me as I travel the cyber highway. On days I feel like giving up (yes, even I have those days), I'm sure to check this blog and find encouragement, thoughtful comments, and gentle criticism and advice to brighten my day and surround me with cyber hugs. I am forever grateful.

I can truly say that I love this community and cherish the variety of unique voices each of you bring to it. I appreciate your friendship and kindness. May you find continued success in your writing journey.

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