Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Just a reminder...

Writing the Cyber Highway Community is the best. You're always cheering me on, encouraging me, making me laugh, and brightening my cyber days. I feel the warmth, genuine friendship, and connection across the globe each time I read a comment and respond. It fills my heart with joy to know my readers truly care about this blog, my writing successes/failures, and me. I ask you, with a sincere heart, to go one step further....

I'm still in the lead for WRA's New Design Launch Contest but that could change quickly as the competition is fierce and the other contestants are quickly catching up. Do a good deed on the cyber highway and help me build my writer's reference library by voting for me.

Not only will you be doing a good deed, my budget for books to help me improve my writing skills will go from $0 to $100 should I win the first place Amazon Gift Certificate! This will be a great blessing to me and I would appreciate it so much!

These books will be a godsend as I try to grow in the writing business and write the cyber highway. I'm dreaming big and aspiring to make my way to the writing success stars. Help me reach them....


(I'd do the same for you!)


Thank you SO much for all of your votes, encouragement, support, and kindness. I appreciate it! I'll shop wisely with my prize: a $100 Amazon Gift Certificate. And, I'll review each book highlighting my favorite parts as well as share the knowledge I gain in future posts.

Be sure to drop by Writing FORWARD. Melissa Donovan is running an awesome contest

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