Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sea of Books

Bonus post today: Feel free to visit my guest post, Finding Your Writing Zone, at The Writer's Round-About. Don't forget to peruse the site while you're there and see how talented, creative, and inspiring author Rebecca Laffar-Smith is!


Wow, am I ever overwhelmed! I'm swimming in a sea of books too excited to even choose which one I want to read first. :-) Of course, I've browsed through this one and that, but haven't accomplished any major reading as of yet. I'm in awe that they arrived so quickly. That's amazing! Especially to an impatient kind of gal who was waiting on pins and needles! Well, with one exception: Feminine Wiles hasn't arrived yet, but that's ok. It should be here soon.

I feel a lot more confident with my future travels over to WordPress since I have WordPress for Dummies to refer to. I can breathe a sweet sigh of relief and know it's right there for me to grab when I need it.

I guess you know what I'm up to this weekend.

So, what do you plan to do with yours? Are you aching, stiff and exhausted trying to meet a deadline? Have you taken the weekend off to enjoy with your friends or family? Come on, jump into the comments and share!

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