Monday, February 11, 2008

When Your Writing Well Runs Dry

Has your writing well ever ran dry? Be honest. It probably has, right? I know mine has. During those times I've felt like giving up, like I don't have any good ideas, and like I should have really written extra blog posts as backups for when the well wasn't flowing as freely as I'd like.

I've recently gone through a dry spell. I've felt as if I just didn't have anything to write, or say. Oh, I've still been writing. I just haven't felt as inspired, motivated, or like my writing well was overflowing with brilliant creativity. In a sense, I guess I've really felt burnt out - as in fried to a crisp! Melissa Donovan refers to it as Freelance Fever. That definitely makes sense.

Life's chaos brings exhaustion, overworked minds, and nowhere near enough hours in the day to tend to daily tasks and find enough quiet time to focus on quality writing. I'm the type of person who needs quiet to write, so if the phone rings or a knock comes at the door... that's it, I'm sidetracked - as in lost my train of thought and wonder how I'll get it back.

When your writing well runs dry, here's a few things you can do:

1. Rest whenever possible. You need your health to be able to function and think properly. Give it the respect it deserves and give yourself some time to re-energize - even if it's just a few short moments of peace with a hot cup of tea.

2. Exercise frequently. It's proven that exercise sends signals to your brain. Your entire body will thank you and your mind will be stronger, sharper. You'll write more efficiently if you make exercise a habit.

3. Write backup posts for your blog. Like I mentioned earlier, I should have done this myself for those busy or dry times. It's a great idea and I'm working on a few right now so I won't find myself in a pinch again. You can also ask for guest posts.

4. Surround yourself with inspiration. Pictures of loved ones, motivational quotes or poems, decorative cups for your pens, and your favorite books are all things that will make you feel more inspired to write.

5. Eat a healthy diet. It's essential for a strong body and mind. For me, there's no exception to this rule. After losing over 100 pounds and realizing how much better I can feel, I make it a top priority to eat healthful meals every day, drink lots of herbal tea and water, and juice fast at various times throughout the year. Just think, if you're not carbed out on french fries and donuts, you'll have a lot more energy to write!

With these tips, your writing well should be overflowing abundantly in no time. I know mine is! So, what do you do when your writing well runs dry? Share with us in the comments!

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