Monday, February 18, 2008

Michele's Manic Monday

Wow, I spent more time away from my desk than I'd planned! I think I enjoyed it a little too much! Of course, I've been online a few times I just haven't published a new post until now. Perhaps I should do a better job of following my own writing advice, eh? :-)

Today has been a wee bit busy (but in a good way!) so I'm just now finding time to deliver today's post to you. Great news, though: I won the contest! That means I received a $100 Amazon Gift Certificate and have lots of shopping to do for those books I've been fantasizing about. How exciting is that? Very! It feels like Christmas already!

Kudos to the other entrants who wrote fantabulous submissions:

Melissa Donovan, at Writing FORWARD

LaskiGal, at From the Cheap Seats

Jenn Hollowell, at Working Writer

Laura Ashton, at Peregrinas

Be sure to check out each of their awesome blogs and jump in their conversations. Everyone really did a great job with their entries and they have warm and inviting online communities, too! They're all winners!

And a special thank you to Rebecca Laffar-Smith,
at Writer's Round-About, gracious writer, blogger, and brilliant mind behind the contest. You must visit her blog - it's out of this world!

Another special thank you goes to Jeanne Dininni, at Writer's Notes.
She included a note at the end of my recent guest post, urging her readers to visit my blog, the contest, Stumble my entry, and to vote for me. She went beyond that extreme act of kindness today by writing an entire post congratulating me, saying all sorts of very sweet things about me! Gee, now I'm blushing! Jeanne is a wonderful blogger and you'll definitely return time and again if you visit her blog!

I really appreciate each of your votes, all of your support and your compliments. I simply adore this community and all of my faithful readers. I couldn't have won first place without you!

As soon as I narrow down my list to fit within budget and make my order, I'll share with you which books I've ordered and why. I've had the most of these on my wish list for a while now so there'll be no hasty choices here! You'll be able to watch my writing improve and flourish with the wisdom I gain from my new reference books and you'll see this blog grow, change, and move to WordPress (guess what one of the books is about?!) over the next few months.

I look forward to more sales, more clients, and higher numbers of subscribers and readers to this blog. How about you?

So, how's your Monday going? Manic busy? Slow? Any good news? Share with us in the comments.

Here's to a successful week writing the cyber highway!

Be sure to drop by Writing FORWARD. Melissa Donovan is running an awesome contest

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