Thursday, October 25, 2007

DIY Publishing

So, you've written your book and your manuscript is tucked away in a drawer, on a shelf, or maybe even under your bed. Why? How many years are you going to wait before you "hit the big time" find an agent OR an agent "finds" you?

While you dream of holding that book in your hands, your manuscript is gathering dust and that dream is fading, isn't it? Why wait? Why not self-publish?

I'm amazed that self-publishing is so frowned upon. Would you think twice about painting your own living room instead of hiring expensive painters? Would you think twice about cleaning your own house instead of hiring a maid (ok, maybe that isn't a good example!)? But, you get the point.

Honestly, I have several books in mind but I know the chances of a major publishing house printing my book(s) are slim to none. And, I'm an impatient gal!

In the craze of DIY projects, I think self-publishing is just the norm. The pros and cons will be different for each of you, but here's a list of mine:

1. I won't have to wait!
2. I'll be a published author.
3. It will be an accomplishment I can smile about.
4. I'll be in control of pricing, distribution, marketing (which is a good thing if you get nervous about other people being in control!).
5. I'll have my first book behind me and can free my mind to work on other projects (like more books, articles, etc.).
6. I know I won't be dead before my book makes it to shelves ;0)
7. It will be a learning experience I'll forever cherish!

Can't think of any!

Am I foolish? I don't think so! What would the cons be of having your book out there, being in control of its destiny, and accomplishing one of your greatest goals in life? I can't think of any myself, but hey, we're all different...

One of the places I've considered for a while is Why not? A lot of people seem to be having great success by taking matters into their own hands and just getting the job done! Isn't that the way life is? Didn't you ever hear your mother say, "If I want it done right, I'll have to do it myself." as you were growing up, or even now?

So, I googled ", self-publishing" and found Lessons Learned Self-Publishing With Lulu and thought you might consider it interesting reading. Maybe it will help you make up your mind about your book's destiny.

Worried about editing? Hire an editor! Take matters into your own hands and get the ball rolling. Who else is going to have such passion and vision for your book, besides you?

Best wishes on your decision to self-publish and may you be continually successful writing the cyber highway!

NOTE: The article, "Lessons Learned Self-Publishing with Lulu", in this post is compliments of Google Blogoscoped. Head on over and check it out!