Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My Beloved Armoire

Well, here she is... my beloved computer armoire. I cherish her to no end!

(Note the stuffed Ziggy and Woody Woodpecker perched atop my monitor and speaker). They're figures from my childhood and it just makes me happy to see them every day, ha ha!

I love this armoire. There's a big file drawer, smaller drawers, shelves for reference books and all kinds of nooks and crannies to store all my writer's goodies.

The smaller books I refer to often are lined up within reach. A pastel floral cup holds my highlighters and pens, and I even have space for a couple of photos and a beautiful writer's block my aunt gave me as a gift.

I love the pullout, too. Not only is there a place for my keyboard, but it's a double pullout (like a desktop!) with plenty of room for my weekly planner, the 3-ring binder I keep my log sheets and manuscripts in, and even a cup of coffee!

On the inside of both doors are cork panels for pinning up more goodies and photos and a handy calendar for easy deadline notes.

I never tire of this cozy writing space! She continues to bring inspiration for my writing and joy to my soul. I feel like my life is all tucked away into this armoire at times. It seems that way anyways.

And... Here I am typing away, writing the cyber highway!