Friday, October 5, 2007

The Waiting Game....

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I'm anxious to share my writing news ;-)

This week has been a great week! I've made some sales, spoken to nice editors (via email and telephone), and *fingers crossed* am almost certain that I have managed to secure an ongoing writing gig (I'll be using a pseudonym for this one, as I sometimes do)!

An essay I've sold to a magazine may end up in the online version only, or the print magazine--the editor isn't sure yet. So, I'll share that info when I find out more. I love to write and sell essays, so it's always a joy when these opportunities arise.

Another sale I made was to Common Ties. I sold a quickie in the epiphany category, so that was nice! If all goes as planned, I'll be able to post the link to my quickie, October 15th.

Overall, I'm pleased with my writing progress. I'm learning a lot as I go, and I definitely want to continue to learn and hone my craft.

I never want to think my writing is perfect (it's far from it)!

I'm thrilled that I get to write and sell my words, my thoughts, my expressions.... I can't imagine NOT writing, it's just who I am. I live and breathe and dream and aspire and exist, to write.

Not everyone understands the incessant need a writer feels to write, the burning inspiration we must "splash" onto our pages.

Whether it's a novel, short story, essay, poem, informational article, or even just a diary or blog, I think only we writers understand that passion.

Family and/or friends almost make us feel like our writing is senseless, like it isn't going anywhere, like we should do something "worthwhile", like our writing just doesn't matter.

What they don't understand is that if we didn't write, we would wither away, shrivel up, become gray and part of us would just die.

So, we write... We continue to play the waiting game (after a while, it's second nature), and we write and wait. The waiting pays off, though!

If you're reading this, and you're discouraged about your writing dreams coming true, pick yourself up and persevere. Keep writing, keep submitting, keep believing, and keep waiting.

Patience is a virtue (I believe) that all successful writers possess.

Dig deep and find patience (it's in there!), and good luck writing the cyber highway!!!