Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Life is a Book

So, what are you writing? What does your "book" say about you? Are you "writing" a page turner, or do you make "readers" want to slam your book shut? Think about it...

Our lives are like books. Our actions and words, expressions and convictions are all read by others. Do you smile when you pass someone? Do you growl at the service person? Do you say "thank you", "please", and "your welcome?" Or do you just rush off, paying no mind to anyone or anything except making it to your next destination?

Life is a book, this is true, and we each act as an author writing it. How will yours read? What is your index? Who is your book dedicated to? How many pages does it have? How will it end?

I guess I'd have to say my book is dedicated to those I love most:

  • My grandparents, who are deceased, especially my Grandma and Papa, who were rare and priceless. (I'll always miss you).
  • My parents, who have been my rock(s), and to whom I owe my life (literally). Without you, I'd be another domestic violence statistic.
  • My Aunt Dorothy, for all her beauty and inspiration--her "book" outweighs them all!
  • My Uncle A.C., who taught me the motto, "Be true to yourself...", and who somehow always found a way to help me find the silver lining to my mistakes. (You are missed).
  • Other special family members (you know who you are).

My index would be filled with good and bad chapters, sad and happy chapters, sometimes life-threatening chapters, but overall the roller coaster ride my readers engage in will be one they won't be bored with. In the end, my readers will see that through my mistakes, through all the pain there has been, through battling illness, obesity, domestic violence, and much more, that joy comes in the morning and the light shines so bright.

I know my book will have a lot of pages, too many to count. I have dozens of chapters to add, still yet, and anxiously anticipate filling those blank pages with success, inspiration, smiles, love and laughter!

Each day, as I write a new page, I desire to write with all honesty, integrity, emotion, realness, genuine care, my unique humor...

As the author of my "book", I want to be categorized as "Inspirational", "Uplifting", "Different", and "Special."

When my book closes (eons away!), my prayer is this:

Dear Lord,

  • Thank you for the life you gave that I might live and live it more abundantly.
  • Thank you for carrying me when I felt so alone, just like You said you would.
  • Thank you for touching my life in more ways than I can count.
  • Thank you for showing others through my own trials, that You grant victory to plain ole country girls like me.
  • Forgive all my mistakes, and show my readers how far I've come. Let them see that even when I wasn't perfect, I tried hard to always improve.
  • Thank you, oh thank you, for a wonderful, loving family.
  • Thank you for friends that I cherish so dear.
  • Thank you for smiles and tears, for all my years.
  • Thank you for making me, me, and for giving me special talents and for giving me the courage to use them and share them with the world.
  • Thank you for showing me that my writing dreams aren't as far out of reach as I once thought.
  • And, Lord, when the day comes that you help me write the last sentence of the last chapter, let my readers know that my book isn't out of print. Tell them I'll write the sequel from Heaven...