Monday, October 22, 2007

A Woo Hoo Day!

I borrowed the word "woo hoo" from Renie (thanks, Renie!).

I must say "woo hoo!" is the perfect title for this post and this day. First thing this morning, I found an email from my editor informing me that my essay, One Last Good-bye, will be published October 29th. This will be the second story for me on MedHunters. They've bought a third but it will be published a little closer to the holidays ;0) as it relates to the season. So, that was an exciting thing to discover first thing in the morning, eh?

Then, the mail ran. What else did I receive besides a contract from Fate Magazine! Yes, indeed, they want to publish my story, Smokin' Ghost! Oddly enough both of these stories I mention are pretty much in the paranormal theme. Considering I write inspirational, that's hilarious.... But exciting!

Then, I received a phone call from another editor! But, I'm going to save this news for another day and you'll find out why soon enough ;0)

So, that's why today was a "woo hoo" day. Lots of good news for me. And, I managed to submit a few things as well!

Remember, it doesn't happen overnight and it doesn't happen by wishing to be a writer. You have to write and you HAVE to submit! It takes a lot of patience and waiting but it's sure worth it on the "woo hoo" days ;0)

I hope you have a great week with lots of "woo hoo" days ahead while writing the cyber highway!