Friday, November 23, 2007

Anthology Call for Submissions

Today, I received a most devastating and sad email. A wonderful Editor friend of mine, Candace Carteen, has lost her dear husband, George Blakeslee. This is a tragedy that happened out of the blue right here at the holidays.

As a writer herself, Candace knows the power of healing that comes from pouring our hearts and souls onto paper. Realizing the lifetime of coping that lays ahead, she has chosen to cultivate beauty and hope from her painful loss and is asking you to as well.

In an anthology, I Know Why the Widow Cries, you will have the opportunity to share your story with other grieving widows. This is your time to help others face the very heartache you've endured. By reading your words, other widows will find strength, courage, and inspiration for a new life--a life without their beloved husbands.

If you are a widow, I urge you to write down your story and submit it for inclusion in what I know will be a compelling anthology--a powerful tool for widows in all stages of this unreal loss.

Visit Candace Carteen's website to learn more. She doesn't have the information posted about this anthology just yet. Give her time and she will. In the meantime, check out the other upcoming titles for the "I Know Why" series. Perhaps you have a story (or two) for those as well.

Candace is an awesome lady and you will most definitely enjoy working with her! Stay tuned for more information regarding I Know Why the Widow Cries anthology...

And... anyone who believes in prayer, Candace and son, Keefer, need massive amounts of prayers and blessings right now. I know my own heart aches for them and they'll remain in my prayers for a very long time.