Sunday, November 11, 2007

Insurance Coverage & Freelance Writers

Let me ask you a question:

Have you thought about insurance coverage today?

As a freelance writer "going it on your own", you may or may not have suitable insurance. Sometimes in the frantic rush of trying to maintain your home, search the job ads to keep a steady flow of freelance work coming in, worrying about the bills and taking care of children and/or any other responsibilities that rest on your tired shoulders, the thought of an insurance plan just gets pushed to the back burner. If this is the case, continue reading to learn how you can save money and be covered at the same time.

A couple of different types of insurance to consider are term and whole life policies. At Advantage Term Life, you can find these options and much more. Take a break from writing for a second. Lean back in your chair and ponder the disadvantages of not being covered by insurance. Not pretty thoughts? I assumed as much.

Term coverage is one of the most basic forms of life insurance. It expires after a certain amount of time, whether you have died or not. One may even feel as if money spent here is "wasted." If you do pass away while you're still covered, your beneficiary will receive the benefit that policy is set to pay out.

Whole coverage, on the other hand, is the better of the two. With this option, you are provided with coverage your entire life. Unlike the term plan, with whole coverage you can cash in if you have a sudden emergency that requires funds you can't obtain from another source.

Advantage Term Life
offers insurance across the United States. Whether you're a smoker searching for lower rates or just want to plan for your future today, stop by for your free online quote. A variety of plans are available and hey, it will only take a few minutes.

*This post was brought to you by Advantage Term Life Insurance.