Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Plagiarism Debate

Melissa A. Donivan
has asked us to play judge. She wants to know our opinions of the plagiarism debate concerning This is a very interesting topic and if you're a writer you'll most definitely want to speed the cyber highway and read all about it yourself. Melissa makes excellent points but allows us to come to our own conclusion.

She also mentions how John Hewitt over at The Writer's Resource Center is taking a stand for his rights as a writer whose work is obviously being taken advantage of and that she has taken action as well.

I commend both Melissa and John for being bold and not backing down. Our words, our writing, our thoughts and our very souls should not be swiped by other people who aren't creative enough to write their own content. Writing is, after all, work and should be respected as such (although I know a lot of times it isn't).

Writers, we need to be aware of splogging and what other people feel they can do with our RSS feed.

I urge you to follow the above links and discover what's been happening while writing the cyber highway. And... be sure to drop by Writing Forward and The Writer's Resource Center often. They are both excellent sites!